"The Program failed to open the coordinate file"

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Ron Mak
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"The Program failed to open the coordinate file"

Post by Ron Mak » Wed Apr 16, 2003 8:21 am

This is turning out to be an interesting day! :roll:

On a project, I am getting this error. Command line also shows the message "File 'db_coord.dt' could not be found" Despite the error, the coordinates certainly seem to be there, and properly connected to the lines and curves.

In the folder, I have a dwg as well as the flx file. Opening either one generates the same error. With the audit database on open enabled, I get a couple minor point errors on the flx file, and many errors on the dwg. This is likely becuase the dwg is older and changes have occured in the project which are in the flx but not the dwg. I mention this only because it may be a factor. We regularly SaveAs a dwg for transfer to Autocad.

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Wed Apr 16, 2003 11:28 am

The error is telling me that the coordinate database is damaged. An Audit may not fix it completely but, as you have done, I would have tried this first too.

Next step I would try is to make a copy of the FLX file to a different folder or name, then open it with Audit turned on. This will create a new database file, which should restore all of the coordinates, etc. The only thing it will not restore are any traverse files in the original database.

The fact that you have a DWG and a FLX in the same folder - they will both try and use the same database. Being they are not the same date or stage of developement - this can cause some major problems. I would always keep my DWG and FLX in different folders with their respective databases.

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Jason Poitras
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Post by Jason Poitras » Wed Apr 16, 2003 8:22 pm


If you find yourself converting files to DWG on a regular basis, you may want to consider forcing MSCAD to save in a DWG format by default.

This option was introduced in MSCAD 2002. If you go to the File Menu |Configure and click on the Formats button on the Common Tab. This will open the Fileformat-Preselect dialog.

From here leave the FileOpen Dialog toggle set to flx, and change the FileSave Dialog toggle to AutoCAD DWG2000. This will cause MSCAD to create a DWG file whenever you do a save. No more having to convert between flx and dwg.

As Glen mentioned, you have to be careful if you have DWG and FLX drawings with the same name in the same project directory.
Jason Poitras
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