FLATTEN Command(s) - Improve in MSCAD2008?

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FLATTEN Command(s) - Improve in MSCAD2008?

Post by DKNTEC » Thu Jul 19, 2007 5:30 pm

1) FLATTEN (on IntelliCAD Modify toolbar) does not work on a MS curvey leader if it has some elevation. My ELEVATION is set to zero.

2) A minor point about the name;
The FLATTEN command name is used twice in MSCAD – the one noted above & the MS Modeling (Quicksurf) FLATTEN command.
I know the Quicksurf FLATTEN name goes way back, having used it myself there since 1992, and it was an appropriate name for the PROCESS of what the command actually does - "Flattening" a 3D polyline into a flat plane in a flat sheet view of a profile.
However, to avoid confusion for newbys (which we all were once, and still are in many areas!), it might be appropriate to rename this command to better reflect what the end result of what it’s action actually produces for the end user – maybe something like PROFILE or CROSS-SECTION or CSEC or similar. (I like the name PROFILE myself).
I suspect also it would be easier for you MicroSurvey guys (oops, edit; persons, sorry!) to change the name of your own MS Modeling subcommand FLATTEN, than to get the ItelliCAD consortium to change their name of it’s Modify menu command FLATTEN.
Theirs is actually the more appropriate place for that name today anyways, because it best describes the end result of what their command actually does for the END USER - flattening everything picked to a even elevation.

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Post by Brian Sloman » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:00 pm

Try using the CELEV command instead of FLATTEN, it seems to work fine. It is in found under MsModeling | Utilities | Elevation Utilities | Change Z of Entity.

I have passed the Flatten problem on to the IntelliCAD programmers. It looks like it is an issue with the Flatten command not working on a Lightweight Polyline. Type the command PLINETYPE and set it to 0 to force new polylines to be drawn as a Polyline entity rather than a LWPolyline entity. If your polyline (including the MsAnnotate leaders) is drawn as a Polyline instead of a LWPolyline, then the Flatten command seems to work properly.

Regarding command names: FLATTEN will run the one in the Modify menu, and MSFLATTEN will run the one in the Modeling menu.

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