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PDF export

Post by DaveS » Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:31 pm

I have just installed the trial for 2008. I am a big fan of the PDF export but wondered if there are a couple other things it can do.

I work in model space, create a border around what I want as the plan using the Add Sheet and Title Block command. When I go to plot I can window the border, make it center and it plots beautifully.

My questions are can that be accomplished with the PDF export? I haven't seen it yet. When you are asked to window, there is no ability to snap. At least I couldn't get the snaps to turn on. Two, how do we add different paper sizes to the drop down menu instead of having to punch in the size each time? Thirdly, how can we have the windowed area come out black and white? It's a nice to create a drawing in colour to easily distinguish the different layers but you don't want the plotted product to be in colour.

On a different note. Having alphanumeric point numbers is handy. Will FieldGenius 2006 and 2007 support that type of coding?



Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Fri Dec 14, 2007 8:28 am

The PDF export to file option does not allow the selection of a specific area, it requires selection of entities in the drawing.

If you wish to generate a PDF file, with control over the area to be selected, then I would suggest you install a free printer driver for PDF files. There are several printer drivers available via the internet that can be installed into your computer and used internally the same as any other print driver (we have an article in our helpdesk about one such driver called PDF995). This will also allow you to print in Black and White via the CTB file, as you configure it.

Alpha-Numeric point numbering has been part of FieldGenius for many years now. MicroSurvey CAD 2008 is just catching up in this regard!
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Post by ianw2 » Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:00 pm


I happen to love PDFs as well. I routinely PDF drawings and send them to clients, etc. all over. Although a PDF CAN be "reverse engineered", it is a lot less likely to be mucked about with than a standard drawing file.

Since I use a color-based pltting system (CTB), I cannot gaurantee that the recipient's of my drawings will be able to plot it out exactly as I intended it. As a consequence, even when sending electronic drawings to architects and engineers, I send along a PDF of the drawing so it can be printed out and viewed as I intended it to be.

Althoug a bit on the costly side, I've found that the investment in Adobe Acrobat has been well worth the cost. There are a number of low cost and even shareware PDF writers that can be downloaded and installed. The PDF writer acts just like any other printer.

I am also a BIG fan of Model Space / Layout Space. However, I played around with a drawing on which I was working this morning. Here are the results:

Standard method of PDF "plotting".

Export to PDF using the border (not the sheet edge) as the bounding element and selectiong all entities within this border.

As you can see, the first PDF looks just as I inteded it to with all the lineweights, etc. The second method is a mish-mosh of colors and doesn't look anything like I really wanted it to.

BTW, I often plot to a PDF to be able to print out reduced sized plots of my drawings. The lineweights scale down nicely and produce crisp, easily read smaller sized versions. In fact, the drawing I've included here is at 11" x 17" (Tabloid) size. It still looks good printed on 8-1/2" x 11" paper.

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Richard Sands
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Post by Richard Sands » Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:45 pm

I always use a 3rd party PDF , in my case Bluebeam. That way I can generate and assemble PDf's on demand, combine them and add text, title blocks etc and also 'Flatten' the PDF so its only an image if security is an issue.
Bluebeam (and I imagine others) can also select just parts of the drawing.
The beauty about printing to PDF is if you print to the final sheet size - say A2 and then print the resulting PDF to say A4 the lineweights are scaled accordingly.
Personally I'd look at the option of an external PDF writer. Many applications and printers actually install a PDF printer too. I'd suggest Bluebeam is a worthwhile option - its written with AutoCAD in mind. It does plugin to AutoCAD, but not MSCAD.
regards, Richard

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