Contour color settings

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T.M. Moretz
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Contour color settings

Post by T.M. Moretz » Sun May 18, 2003 7:49 am

On the window for setting the contour color I can no longer select the button for choosing a color for Contour Color or Highlight Color. If I click either button I receive the Invalid Parameter message. I can type the needed number representing the color but I had better know what that number is because the color chart no longer appears.

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Sun May 18, 2003 2:49 pm

Darcy posted this on March 14/03 under the SP#3 post:

"Hi there,

It looks like we may have introduced a bug in the contour color dialog. We have been reworking the surface modeling engine recently to add support for LandXML surfaces.

As soon as we have a correction, I will replace the SP3 one-click install."

I just installed SP#3 from the support page and the update has not been completed yet, as this is not yet fixed.

As soon as we are able to post a fix or new Service Patch, we will do so.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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Post by rwhatman » Sun May 18, 2003 4:18 pm

There is a way around the problem.
Read in *qcf file
I have copied my file in and Hightlight in blue where to change the colors. As you will see I use color 8 an 9, do what
ever color you like. This will work and you won't have to use thoes buttons

I don't use any buttons, I just load my contour.cfg file and I am ready to contour.
One last thing don't forget to use the color reset button after you load
the file.

cellmax = 10000 Maximum Grid Cells
usegreg = No Use grid registration
pingrid = 0,0,0 Grid registration point
meshbase = 0 Base Elevation for Mesh
interval = 0.5 Contour Interval
levels = 20 Contour Levels
elevfile = Elevation list file name
rough = No Use frame points only
color = Yes Color Contours
colcont = Interval Color contour method
c1split = 1 Low Contour Color Split
c2split = 5 High Contour Color Split
cesplit = 0 Contour color elevation split
c1intvl = 9 Base Contour Color
c2intvl = 8 Highlighted Contour Color

chintvl = 2. Interval for highlighted contour
scolcyc = 1 Starting Cycle Color
ncolcyc = 24 Number Cycle Colors
cmapfile = Color mapping file name
howcolor = Elevation Paint method
slmeth = Slope method
startcol = 1 Starting Surface Color
ncolors = 20 Number of Colors
colintvl = 1. Contour color cycle interval
blnkcolor = 251 Blank surface color
usecrange = No Use the color range for paint
cmaxv = 1e+007 Maximum value for paint
cminv = -1e+007 Minimum value for paint
viewpnt = 0,0,0 Surface paint view point
targetpnt = 1.,1.,0 Surface paint target point
uselegend = No Surface paint legend
showcolor = XOR Show Color Method
verbose = 1 Verbose Mode
gmethod = 1 Grid Method
dorder = 0 Derivative Order
drapemode = 1 Surface Components Used by Drape Command
drapesave = 0 Preservation of original drape line
border = 2 Blend Order
weight = 2 Weighting power
honor = No Honor local extrema
neighmethod = 1 Neighbor selection method
coorsys = Yes World coordinates
rings = 4 Number of Rings
ttype = 2 Trend Type
torder = 4,4 Trend Order
cmethod = 0 Contour Method
usecntrg = Yes Use contour range
mincont = 2. Minimum contour value
maxcont = 1e+008 Maximum contour value
bmethod = 1 Boundary Method
maxsop = Yes Maximize SOP data
ptonbrk = Yes Use points on breaks
drbase = 0 Drape Base
drorder = 1 Drape Order
drstep = Auto Drape Step Size
stackfac = 1e-013 Stacking constraint
brkcrverr = 0 Break line curve error
brkacc = 0.01 Break accuracy tolerance
curvefac = 0.0005 Curve error factor
leanleft = No Lean left
avoid = No Avoid Redrawing
showhi = No Show Highlighted
usedstep = No Use densifying step
denstep = Auto Densify Step Size
usefilter = Yes Use extract filter
uselayer = No Use layer filter
filtlayer = Data layer name
userange = Yes Use Z range filter
minelev = 100. Minimum Z value
maxelev = 90000. Maximum Z value
npmax = 2000000 Maximum number of extracted points
fname = Loading points file name
colpos = 1,2,3 Column Positions for reading data
scalefac = 1.,1.,1. Scale Factor
bldtype = 0 Build surface type
extents = -1e+008,-1e+008 x 1e+008,1e+008
postoff = 1.,1.,0 Posting offset
camheight = 10. Camera Height
camlens = 30. Camera Lens
slpunit = 3 Units for slopes
volconv = 1. Conversion for Volumes
volunit = Volume unit string
vol_report = 0 ERROR: Invalid message
arconv = 1. Conversion for Areas
arunit = Area unit string
boundtol = No Boundary tolerance prompt
intstep = Auto Intersect Step Size
intslpupr = 1. Right Initial Slope Up
endslpupr = 1. Right Ending Slope Up
intslpdnr = 1. Right Initial Slope Down
endslpdnr = 1. Right Ending Slope Down
intslpupl = 1. Left Initial Slope Up
endslpupl = 1. Left Ending Slope Up
intslpdnl = 1. Left Initial Slope Down
endslpdnl = 1. Left Ending Slope Down
genseed = Auto Seed number for terrain generator
onearth = 1 Blank surface color
variotype = 0 Variogram type
histintvl = 24 Histogram intervals
nugget = 0 Nugget
range = 0 Variogram range
sill = 0 Variogram sill
maxside = 999. Maximum triangle side
triwatch = 1 Observe maximum triangle side
ascii_prec = 4,4,4 Precision for ascii writes of surface points.
autocycles = 6 Cycles of autodensification

T.M. Moretz
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I remember now

Post by T.M. Moretz » Sun May 18, 2003 5:31 pm

Glen, I remember reading Darcy's post now, I just forgot.

Richard, You are really deep into this software; thanks for the tips. I have now changed my default colors the way you suggested and it works great. Is there a list showing all of those defaults or have you gathered them over time from various places in the help files?

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