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Post by rwhatman » Thu Jun 19, 2003 6:34 am

I see we have a new option that came with SP4.

IPE - Independent Elevations

Works great and yes I see you can change the colour IPEC.

I found this today, I thought there may be some who have not seen it yet.

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Thu Jun 19, 2003 8:13 am

Thanks Richard,

For those that have not tried these features, what is stopping you? :)

IPE - Independant Point Elevations
IPD - Independant Point Descriptions
IPN - Independant Point Numbers

IPEC - Independant Point Elevations Color
IPDC - Independant Point Descriptions Color
IPNC - Independant Point Numbers Color

The first three options turn on a seperate labeling system that shows the Elevations, Descriptions and Point Numbers (as you have picked) but they are not actually part of the drawing, not on a layer and do not plot. They remain a constant text size on screen, no matter how much you zoom in or out of the drawing. They are great when you have several points Very close together and the normal text labels simply overlap and you can not read any of the text, so you can't easily determine which point is which.

The IPE, IPD and IPN make it Very easy to see the info on each point - just zoom in untill you can read it cleanly.

The last three items control the colors of each, to make it easy to determin what it is you are looking at.

You can run them from the buttons on the desktop or simply type in the commands.

Give them a shot - you will be pleasantly surprized!

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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