Stationing a line

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Ryan McMahon
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Stationing a line

Post by Ryan McMahon » Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:55 am

Trying to station a line (2d) and 3d polyline to match the cross-section created using the drape and flatten routines. I do not have any alignments created. Just want the line annotated for horizontal stationing.


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Brian Sloman
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Post by Brian Sloman » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:11 am

Hi, a couple commands I'd recommend looking at:
1) Modify | Measure - this will create points along an entity (including lines and 3dpolylines), but it will create the points measured along the 3D slope of the line so it won't match the typical 2D stationing. The points can then be Auto-Added into your database.
2) MsPoints | Compute Points | Compute Points On An Object. This only works on Lines and Arcs, not 3DPolylines, but unlike the Measure command it creates the points based on 2D stationing distances even if the line is 3D.
3) Use AutoRoute to create and label a horizontal alignment. You can use MsDesign | AutoRoute | Create Using Lines and Arcs, to select existing linework in your drawing to build the alignment without having to define POTs etc, but you can only pick Lines and Arcs, not 3DPolylines so they would have to be exploded first. Once the alignment is created use MsDesign | AutoRoute | Label Alignment to draw the Stations.
Brian Sloman
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