Inverse between points - Snaps

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Richard Sands
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Inverse between points - Snaps

Post by Richard Sands » Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:04 pm

This routine (_INVERSE) and select from Point Nodes doesn't preserve the Snap modes.
I start with Snaps set to 'POINT NODE' and click 'Pick Points on Drawing'.
MSCAD immediately changes my SNAP modes by adding 'Intersection' & 'End' that makes it useless for the task. I then have to manually change the Snap modes and repeat.
I have tried setting the Snap Mode to OFF then invoking the command and then zooming in close so I can pick the point node as opposed to end of line.
This works but is tedious.
I see the snap setting changes the moment 2 points (nodes) are selected. It reverts to 'None', but then goes back to old ways immediately the Enter or Cancel is hit and I start again.
Observations of 'Snap' Palette.

I assume this is a bug, that in turn bugs us users!
A fix would be appreciated thanks.

I need this routine as its the only way (I know) to interrogate and report 3D points for vertical difference. In my case always MSCAD points, not linework.
I then have to annotate manually the vertical difference.
Hopefully annotate options will include Vertical as well as Horizontal dimensions.

Currently MSCAD doesn't display to the command line any 3D info either - this would be a useful addition.
Output below - Not sure what is the purpose of the coordinates? Both sets may be useful? Vertical would be more important I would think (prefer)
Select the Second Point:
89 8°18'22" dist= 1.997 N= 5441337.862 E= 445814.229 204

Wonder how others would prefer this?

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