FG RTK base ref ID glitch

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FG RTK base ref ID glitch

Post by Kari » Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:56 am

Is there a glitch or am I missing something in the gps profile settings?

I prefer to use a RTK base ID number to minimize the possiblity of picking up and using other surveyor's base stations. The rover is configured to accept a matching ref ID yet I always receive an "invalid reference" apon the first measurement following connecting to rover. The only way I have found to get past the error is to view the incoming radio link and wait for the ID field to be filled in. Then one can measure away until the rover is disconnected and reconnected where the same error reappears. Only catch myself staring at the range pole bubble waiting for the measurement complete tone with the error on the screen about 12 times a day. It appears one can reach an age where you can't learn new tricks.

FG 2011 version on a Nautiz X7

Erle Dzus
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Re: FG RTK base ref ID glitch

Post by Erle Dzus » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:21 am

Please create a ticket at our HelpDesk: http://www.microsurvey.com/helpdesk/ind ... ets/Submit

Our support staff will be happy to help you resolve this issue.

Erle Dzus
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