Working with rw5 & cr5/crd files

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Working with rw5 & cr5/crd files

Post by ergols » Tue Aug 26, 2003 12:11 pm


I don't seem to be able to consistently import and plot to the screen with these different file types. With an SDR file I could see the points as soon as I imported them. With these other file types there doesn't seem to be a proper translation of these data collector file into Microsurvey 2002. Sometimes I get one or two points, sometimes none. Can you suggest a way that I can work with these different data collector files?



Glen Cameron
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RW5 and CR5

Post by Glen Cameron » Tue Aug 26, 2003 12:56 pm

If you import a RW5 file, it is typically a raw file which will be read into our traverse file and needs to be coordinated before you see the points come up on screen and have them added to the database. If the RW5 file does contain coordinate data then it is passed to the database and screen, automatically.

CR5 files are just an ASCII file and when read in they automatically go to the database and screen, no recoordination is required as this data is not put into a traverse file in MSCAD.

SDR33 files often contain both raw data and coordinate data so the coordinate would go to the database and screen and the raw data would go to a traverse file.

If you do have both types of data then the coordinates will go to the screen and database automatically. As long as the toggles are turned on, you will see the points drawn on the screen.

Some types of data are not read from the collector files, example: resection data. If a point has been coordinated based upon a resection then we do not see it and it is not passed to the traverse file or database and screen.

If you ever have a file that can not read into MSCAD, or is not showing what you expect, please feel free to email it to me to examine. Give me all the details and tell me what you were expecting, then I can examine it and report back to you on what I have found.

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CR5 File

Post by Max » Wed Aug 27, 2003 5:13 am

Be sure that your delimiter is set to comma NOT space in the import config screen. With a space it can't seperate the data and plots all points at one point.

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