Shortcuts and opening dwg's - 2013

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Richard Sands
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Shortcuts and opening dwg's - 2013

Post by Richard Sands » Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:03 pm

Clicking on the ".dwg" icon in Windows Explorer does not open the dwg using MSCAD.
But I see it can be opened using a hyperlink in Excel. Well with some extras.

The non use of Standard Windows option of being able to open an MSCAD file by right click or double click has always annoyed me and reasons given for such is to do with the data base.
From Excel I found today, it opens 2013 and then asks do I want to save the dwg, but I have just opened it so that seems a bit odd.
I notice the command line says WCLOSE from where I don't know.
Anyway by saying NO and then allowing 2013 to open it has the file highlighted in the standard MSCAD Project Manager dialogue box.
Clicking the highlighted file opens the dwg with no seemingly apparent issues which is understandable as it has been opened by MSCAD (by then).

It asks the question why couldn't this be organised within Intellicad/ MSCAD intelligence within the actual program?
It is the only program I have ever known that doesn't work using standard Windows commands/ options.
To me it must surely be a programming (MSCAD) issue that would allow a much easier interface with MSCAD.

It was mentioned once the data base needs to synch with the dwg (or similar) but again its only a matter of programming? Or is it not?

My GIS program has data bases, and double-clicking a file opens the program and the file with no hitches.
One can even right click and open another instance of GIS program (from Windows Explorere) and copy and paste files (data) between open jobs. Simply brilliant.

To me this is standard Windows stuff which is one of the strengths of such an operating system.
Win 7 Pro.

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