"Traverse has no setups......"

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Peter G
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"Traverse has no setups......"

Post by Peter G » Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:15 pm

Did a survey in the week from two new stations after I did a set up and backsight from two known ones. NOT closed back so it is an open traverse.
After Re-Coordinating the traverse, and then drawing the traverse line work. When I go in the the Compute traverse Closure and then select open traverse, I get this message, "This traverse has no setups in the raw data file. Unable to process traverse..." Why? To me this is odd when it has just drawn line work between the setups.

As its only two setups is it worth trying to close it? Especially when doing the Re-Coordinate routine it averages the setups from the shots taken to and from them.

Any help would be appreciated



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