Issue with MSCAD 2010

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Issue with MSCAD 2010

Post by Mark-Delta » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:32 am

Having a bit of an issue with my MSCAD 2010...

Somehow a toggle was enabled that causes basic entities (as near as I can tell) to have additional dialogue boxes created.

For example, I single left click a basic text entity (not mtext) and I get the following:


I see LBD flash in my command window and it unselects whatever entity I am currently attempting to click

A similar event occurs when I click on a basic line (not polyline/hatch/etc..) I see the same LDB thing flash and get a CAD Lines computation appear.


Curious w-t-f I had toggled, I have gone through most of the settings I am aware of that could possibly be causing this, have tried uninstalling (and damn it, the program is quite... sticky, can't find where the settings/background stuff is hidden). While the above options are useful and all - when I just want to pick a couple lines it gets annoying, I can fence select clicking down left to actually select an entity, but I also get everything else that may be stacked..

Anyone have any possible solutions?

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Re: Issue with MSCAD 2010

Post by Brian Sloman » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:57 pm

If you turn on your grips then these dialogs won't pop up.
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