undo is not working

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undo is not working

Post by mark » Fri Dec 06, 2002 2:55 pm

the undo is not working, it says its empty, can i reset this?also we have a drawing that was from a dwg and when any command was used the computer locks and then windows says that a driver is at fault, (I'm usiing windows xp), this is the only drawing that is doing this. So I fixed the crashing by creating a dxf but when I use the indentify coord. all the points are only to the foot, not 11.021', how do I reset to .001'

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Post by rwhatman » Sat Dec 07, 2002 5:42 am

Thats where you can change the Decimal Places for your distances
and bearings also your drawing Orientation which should be set to
"E" east

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Sat Dec 07, 2002 6:49 pm

If you type the command UNDO at the command prompt, you have 6 options to pick from. Under control you have another 5 choices.

Command: UNDO

The program archives all steps made during the task in a list called the Undo List. The steps registered in this list can be withdrawn by using the UNDO function sequentially, each UNDO removing the next sequential step in the task. Certain commands are not registered in the Undo List. These are commands and functions that control the viewport (Zoom, Pan, Window), set the parameters, and other transparent functions. These steps cannot be withdrawn by using UNDO. The Undo List is kept only with the current session of the program. It will not be saved with the drawing.

The command can be repeated until all working steps stored in the Undo List have been canceled. The program will then send out the message "Undo List is empty".

Canceling the last work step (the first step appearing in the Undo List) is the normal mode of this function. The function can be altered to perform groups of UNDO steps as well, by following this procedure:

Enter UNDO in the Command Line area. Define the number of steps to cancel by entering a number; or Select an option from the option bar.

The option field "Control" allows access to these options for controlling the UNDO process:

By selecting this switch you indicate that all (chosen) working steps are selected for the UNDO function.

No steps are registered in the UNDO LIST. The command is switched off.

This option fixes the number of the steps you can cancel at the value 1. Only the last working step is registered in the UNDO LIST.

Selecting this switch causes erasure of the current UNDO LIST.

This option is a Switch that will trigger a prompt asking for your confirmation. After selecting this field the option bar will show the possibilities ON and OFF. The active status will always be indicated as the preset value. You may change this value, or go with it.

The options Group-B, Group-E and Group-D allow you to select groups of steps. A number of defined procedures can be canceled with a single UNDO.

This switch defines the Beginning of the selected group. This "beginning" may be canceled, and any previous registrations in the Undo List remain in the list.

This option defines the End the group of working steps.

This option specifies that the group of steps selected for UNDO be Deleted. The individual steps remain in the UNDO LIST and can be canceled one by one.
The two following options, Mark and Back, allow you to "mark" the listed steps of a task, and cancel all un-marked steps.

This option defines the current state of the drawing as a state that can then be restored by the option Back.

This option restores the task to the previously marked state.
Be very careful with the UNDO command as well as it's variations such as the U command and the back arrow - not all of them work on items connected to the database. The UNDO command is basically for CAD items only and not Survey Database items.

The Survey Database items can be undone by using the following UNDO option:

We can now use the UNDO BACK command and have the survey database keep in sink with the drawing. DO NOT USE THE "U" command or the undo back arrow in the top left part of the screen as they do not use the BACK option. If you have edited objects on the screen that affected the survey database, the UNDO BACK command will now reverse this option and update the database automatically. If you erased some lines and points then use the UNDO BACK command, the database will also be maintained. Keep in mind that you must have a line to have a bearing or distance. This is leading edge technology!

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Post by Guest » Sat Dec 07, 2002 7:03 pm

Before you write the DXF file, type DXFPREC at the command line and make sure that the number is set to 6 or higher. You may find that your DXFPREC variable is currently set to 0.

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