Wish List, part 2

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Wish List, part 2

Post by Grant » Fri Jul 07, 2006 10:08 am

I wish I could...

...enter a bearing + an angle into an input field
e.g. 145.0 + 45 (N90E). I can inverse bearings (pt#..pt# + 45) and add an angle to them, but FG won't let me directly enter a bearing

...directly inverse bearings (pt#..pt#) in the direction fields of the rotation routine. I can do this with almost every other input field, why not the rotation routine?

...clear the entry fields in the offset intersection routine. When I'm doing a series of intersections, FG likes to jump ahead on me and calculate the intersection before I've finished entering all my changes to the data fields. I think the desktop version is more well-behaved in this.

...have inverse distances displayed in both feet and metres (or vice versa)
eg N29E 15.240m (50.00') if the file is metric or N29E 50.00' (15.240m) if the file is imperial. Our old DOS cogo package would do this and it's very handy when working with mixed units, laying out a house plan in a new subdivision for example.

...do a rotation, set some points by calculations using the new bearings, then go back (undo the rotation) to the old bearings. I made the mistake of doing this once and lost all my calculated points.

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