Trimble Survey Controller and MS2008

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Glen A. Quarmby
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Trimble Survey Controller and MS2008

Post by Glen A. Quarmby » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:39 am

I am having problems determining the best way to transfer traverse data from my Trimble Survey Contoller (SC) software on a Trimble TSC2 data collector into MS2008.
I have used the Sokkia SDR33 format with some success but on some larger projects I don't get all of the data. I believe it is because I have D/L the project into MS2008, completed some calcs then U/L to the TCS2 again. The observation derived coordinates of a point in the TSC2 are then overwritten by the database coordinate of the same point. The observation then appears as 'deleted' in the Active Traverse Editor.

Has anyone got any suggestions for this combination?


Scott Partridge
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Post by Scott Partridge » Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:36 am

When you upload points to the TSC2 into an existing job on the controller, the normal operation is that points already in the job (your obeservations) will be 'updated' with the coordinates you are importing. The original observation record of a given point is still there, but it is flagged as 'deleted' since you have uploaded new data for the point.

If you want to avoid this, export only the new calculated points in MSCAD as a CSV file (pt#,N,E,Elev,Desc) instead of exporting everything. Copy the CSV file of new points to the TSC2 and then import them (as a CSV) into the existing job. This presumes that all of your calculated points do not reuse any of the numbers assigned to points already in the TSC2 job.

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